Business Process Management

Everything we do in life is a series of process steps. An example of one is making a morning brew, which in itself is a quick and easy activity for most which we achieve without ever over analysing. Break it down into its component actions and we have an effective process for a delicious morning beverage. 

Business process management is a systematic approach to analysing existing ways of doing business (processes) in order to develop enhancements to improve performance, productivity and mitigate against risks such as inefficiency, error or waste.

Effective process management can be utilised to define, measure, analyse, implement and control any business process to enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

At Accounts Afloat, we understand process and improvement and can assist you in developing a process improvement plan within your organisation. We utilise a five-stage process improvement philosophy which initially looks at the way the process operates today and through the analysis of existing processes we can understand where and why problems are occurring. Working with you, we can develop and document a process improvement/ simplification action plan which will deliver enduring best practices within your operation.

Define - identify and recognise the processes for improvement.
Measure - existing processes are documented to understand the current state.
Analyse - determine and validate the root causes of the problems within the process.
Improve - effect change through the development and evaluation of process improvements.
Control - verify process and productivity improvements, document new processes and launch to stakeholders.

Process improvement can be implemented throughout the organisation, some common processes that can be accommodated include:

  • Customer Services - initial contact through to problem resolution
  • Sales - initial enquiry through to order
  • Operations - order receipt through to invoicing
  • Fulfilment - order receipt through to despatch
  • Accounts - purchase order through to payment
  • Human Resources - job application through to employment and induction

Many companies acknowledge that problems and inefficiencies exist within processes but don't have measures in place for addressing them. Process improvement from Accounts Afloat can apply the principles detailed above to any company looking to achieve productivity gains and bring structure to problem solving within their organisation.

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